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I cannot discover new oceans unless I have courage to loose sight of the shore.

When you may want to find a coach.

When you feel 'out of sync' and you do not feel at ease in your skin, this means that your body, mind and spirit are not working together. This may cause a lowering of your mood, a feeling that something is not right with your life, or a lack of energy and enthusiasm. To address these issues you need to find a direction or path that, if followed, will heal you of these unwelcome feelings and have your life sing with joy and abundance. The tools that coaching provides you with are designed to empower you to find your healing path.

Spiritual Life Coaching

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Violette,  has experience and expertise in working with people and assisting them to identify with their higher selves. She will help you to bring out all of your good qualities and help you discover yourself. 

Violette will help you to:

Recognize and express your goals

Help you to increase your energy levels

Reduce stress

Be able to reach that place of inner peace

Develop awarness

Have better relationships

Create balance in your life

Learn to love yourself

Have meaningful connections to other people

Heal you body, mind and spirit

I have seen many people who have experienced some sort of a psychological trauma in their lives. Some of this trauma has been severe. People who have had a psychological trauma tend to function in life, but may be very defensive, feel self hatred and lack self confidence. These things inhibit the person from being the best that they can be and Spiritual Life Coaching will help you to work through those issues and make you feel better about yourself so you can blossom into the person that you want to be. Allow yourself to be free of those negative feelings and to feel good in body, mind and spirit.

will help you experience self-love as well as self-acceptance. Once you are able to get to that place you will then be able to go forward in bringing out the part of you that is loving, sincere and profound. You can become your "Divine Self".

Self discovery is a wonderful and beautiful journey, a journey that is loving and full of self expression. And it will be my honor to share this marvelous journey with you.

Discover your path towards inner peace.


What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

A Clarification...

There are many definitions of Spiritual Life Coaching but I would define Spiritual Life Coaching as a professional and personal relationship that provides both support and structure that will help you to improve many aspects of your life: job, money, health, emotional, family, social, both spiritual and personal development and this is done by setting up and achieving your personal goals.

Spiritual Life Coaching it not therapy:

Where a therapist will focus on specific conditions a Spiritual Life Coach will not focus on causes and reasons but will help you to focus on "yourself". Thus providing you with a more holistic approach.

Spiritual Life Coaching is not counseling:

A counselor will focus on the past events of your life and how these events have affected the present. But a Spiritual Life Coach will put the focus on where you are now and where you want to be.

Spiritual Life Coaching is not mentoring:

A mentor will help you learn a task or skill in which you have experience. A Spiritual Life Coach on the other hand will work with individuals to help them find their own answers to issues without having any previous experience or knowledge.

Body Mind and Spirit Connection Coaching is 100% committed to:

Making your dreams a reality.

Improving work performance.

Improving your personal self growth.

Improve your general sense of well-being.

Developing a more positive attitude.

Releasing your potential and help to remove some of those self created barriers.

Can you imagine a relationship with someone who is:

Interested in your dreams and aspirations.

There to keep you moving forward towards your dreams and goals.

With you to help you clarify your goals.

That wants to celebrate your victories and help you learn from your set backs.

That is in tune with your emotions, energies and listens to the very best in you, even when you can't hear it yourself.

I prefer to work in a fun way and yet be open and honest. I will listen and at times ask questions. I want to motivate you and explore where you are now and where you would like to be in the future.

I am not here to tell you what to do but to help empower you to take control of your life and find those answers in a clear, honest and objective way.

I will challenge some of your thoughts, give you some honest and constructive feedback that will aid your development and help you to reach your goals without analyzing you.

I have no personal agenda and you will know that all meetings are held in complete confidence.

All I need from you is 100% commitment so we can make this a successful new "Life journey" and the payoff will be great!

The amount of time that we work together will vary depending on the complexity of the issues and your very own individual needs.