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Universal Life Force Energy Healing



When the flow of the"Life Force Energy" is disrupted, weakened or blocked, emotional or health problems tend to occur. Imbalances can be caused from many situations occurring in our lives, such as: emotional or physical trauma, injury, negative thoughts and feelings, including fear, worry, doubt, anger, anxiety, negative self-talk, toxicity, nutritional depletion, destructive lifestyle and relationships, neglect of self and lack of love for oneself or others, from emotions that are not expressed in a healthy way.  Reiki is excellent for healing any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues of any kind and it gives wonderful results.


Some Of The Reiki Healing Health Benefits


 • Creates deep relaxation and aids the body to release stress and tension. 

It accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities. 

Aids better sleep.

Reduces blood pressure.

Can help with acute (injuries) and chronic problems (asthma, eczema, headaches, etc.) and aides the breaking of addictions. 

Helps relieve pain. 

Removes energy blockages, adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system bringing the body into balance and harmony. 

Assists the body in cleaning itself from toxins. 

Reduces some of the side effects of drugs and helps the body to recover from drug therapy after surgery and chemotherapy. 

Supports the immune system. 

Increases vitality and postpones the aging process. 

Raises the vibrational frequency of the body.

Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing.

When we are relaxed and stress-free, we are able to restore our natural ability to heal. Long term practice of whole-body reiki will restore the general condition of the body. It will open the energy channels and this will allow the body to deal properly and naturally with stress and build-up toxins and cope with anxiety and depression.
When one is in good health, regular therapy will increase the body’s built-in defenses. This will manifest itself as confidence and outward harmony in dealing with everyday events. You will gain a positive outlook on life.

During and following a Reiki treatment some people report a sense of warmth, gentle tingling sensation and a deep sense of relaxation.  It is not unusual for someone to fall asleep during a Reiki session.

Reiki will also provide additional energy required to recover from illness. A Reiki healing session can induce an extremely comfortable state of being that can bring alteration in the client’s consciousness. It can also be used as complementary therapy, because Reiki is truly a complementary care.

It complements and enhances the health care the patient receives in the hospital or from other health care providers. Reiki therapy complements Eastern and Western medicine and everybody can benefit from it.
It is beneficial to the health of women (even pregnant), men, children and it is also excellent to be used on animals (dogs, cats, horses), plants, water, etc. Reiki energy is a tool for use at any moment, any time, anywhere for on-the-spot stress release, pain relief and quick energy.

The Principles of Reiki

Just for today

I will give thanks

for my many blessings

Just for today

I will be happy

Just for today

I will be worry-free

Just for today

I will do my work honestly

Just for today

I will be kind

to my neighbor

and every Living thing

Dr. Mikao Usui

                              Uses of Reiki in all aspects of your life.

The Universal Life Force Energy which we call Reiki is energy that flows through all living things and can also be used on inanimate objects also. We know that everything in the universe is made from energy and therefore when we give Reiki we are directing energy to those places or things that have an imbalance or a lack of energy.

Lets look at some different things where Reiki is used.

Animal Reiki: Animals seem to love Reiki. We know that animals are very instinctive and have a great sense of things that are going on. Animals tend to sense that something quite wonderful is going to take place and will become very quiet and relaxed. They also have a way of letting you know the area that they need the healing and they do this by the way they position their bodies. They will lay there until they have had enough and then they will get up and move away. 

Plant Reiki:
Have a plant that is not doing so well?  Just as humans and animals have energy so do plants. Reiki for plants starts at the root and once the energy has restored itself in the root then the Reiki is directed to the leaves. Trees can also be treated with Reiki as well as seeds that you are going to plant.

Food and Beverage Reiki:
Want to increase the nutritional value of your food then Reiki is the answer. Reiki can be used on the food while it is cooking or once you have it on your plate. I Reiki my food and beverage when I go out to eat.

Object Reiki:
Reiki may also be used on items in your home or office. Have Reiki done on an appliance that is not running too well, or if your computer is acting up you can get Reiki done on it as well. Car won't start, battery dead, get Reiki done on the battery. Need to have your crystals, stones, pendulums etc. energized then get Reiki for those things also.

Reiki is an amazing thing and everyone should experience a Reiki session. If you would like to set up an appointment for a Reiki treatment please email Body Mind and Spirit Connection and we will be happy to have you come and enjoy the wonderful experience of Reiki.

      Have a Reiki day!!!




All Reiki sessions are provided by Violette in the Zen  Room at Body Mind and Spirit Connection's Health and Learning Center which is located in Glendora, NJ. 

All Reiki sessions are available by appointment only Monday through Sunday.  All sessions and personal information from those sessions is always kept private and confidential.

To schedule your appointment please call Body Mind and Spirit Connection at:

email  us

Each Reiki appointment is one hour and you are asked to arrive on time and wear comfortable clothing. 

Violette will discuss with you any problem areas you might have so they can be focused on during your session.

Your first appointment will be an intake session where we will discuss Reiki and what you expect from your sessions and any physical issues that you might have.

1 hour Reiki Session...........$60.00


Reiki Share
Healers Healing other Healers
A Reiki Share is a gathering of Reiki Practitions that meet for a social and healing session.  Time of a share can be approximately three hours depending on the number of people that you have attending.

The primary function of a Reiki Share is to participate in the giving and receiving of Reiki that is done in a setting of love and friendship. It is also a way that Reiki's honor each other as healers.  Level I, Level II and Master's get together and each take turns getting a Reiki treatment.  One Reiki will lie on the table while the others stand around the table, one at the head, one at the feet and the remaining Reiki's on each side of the table.  All will lay their hands on the Reiki that is on the table and administer healing to the receiver.  Each Reiki has his/her turn on the table as the receiver.  This type of Reiki session is very strong and penetrating and can be a very profound experience. To participate in a Reiki share please reserve your seat as space is limited. 

Next Reiki Share at Body Mind and Spirit Connection to be announced.

Email to reserve your seat
or call 856-207-2896

Stress Reduction Reiki

Use Reiki for the reduction of stress. Reiki is a very simple and straight forward way of bringing about immediate peace and tranquility to your body, mind and spirit. We live in a world that is so full of stress. Different things are around us each day and many things happen that tend to just wear us out on a day to day basis. But now we can go and receive a Reiki treatment from our Reiki practitioner that will bring our body, mind and spirit the peace that we deserve. And that peace has the ability to expand and gently let the stress which has accumulated just fade away. It will flow out of us and bring us back to harmony. Getting a Reiki treatment is a very profound experience and you will feel great peace once you feel the stress leave and just melt away.

























Stress Reduction Reiki Gathering

You can host a Stress Reduction Reiki Gathering at your home.  Each of your invited quests will receive a 30 minute session with Violette.  Each session will be given in a peaceful setting that will have windchimes, music, candle light and soothing aromas.

Violette is intuitive and if she receives any messages during your sessions this will be revealed to you.



The Stress Reduction Reiki is $25.00 per person and each session is 30 minutes.  These gatherings require a minimum of  4-6 guests plus one host/hostess. 

The host/hostess will receive a complimentary session.  You will want to provide a peaceful, quiet space for your gathering and set up a schedule for the times that each guest is to arrive.  Have each guest arrive 10 minutes before his/her scheduled session and advise that they do not eat one hour prior to their appointment.  It is nice to serve light snacks after a session and also a caffeine free beverage or water.


Please contact Body Mind and Spirit Connection two weeks in advance of your Gathering. 

You may schedule your Gathering by calling

Distant Reiki Healing

Distant Reiki healing is connecting Reiki healing across the miles.  You do not have to be with the Reiki practitioner to receive a Reiki treatment.  In this fast paced, busy world that we live in, distance Reiki treatments are becoming more and more popular.  You can be in the comfort of your own home, in your office, on the beach and your Reiki practitioner can send you healing.  Once you give permission for a distant treatment your Reiki can send healing to you.  And yes it still works the same as if you were with the Reiki.  This is a wonderful gift to give to a friend or family member.

Distant Reiki can be used on a person or animal before, during and after surgery.  It can also be used to clear negative energy from your home or office or on groups of people as well as objects such as your computer, car etc.  Some people love to get Reiki before they give a speak to boost their confidence and make them more relaxed and focused.

* Disclaimer *

Reiki therapy is a natural method of balancing energy and is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Reiki is a treatment to help balance the body, mind and spirit and bring them into alignment with each other and also to help with the reduction of stress and to bring you into a state of relaxation.

Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Reiki therapy or any other natural healing therapy should not compete with medical doctors and their treatments.

All therapies are meant to complement medical treatments.