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Honor your SPIRIT

We are first and foremost "spiritual" beings.

Growing Spiritually 

It’s not easy to grow spiritually in our today’s modern world, where everything seems to boil down to money, power and influence.

Over the last decades more and more did we get used to focusing our attention on physical needs and wants. Extensively helped by our society, the media, television, magazines and the World Wide Web, we have learned to chase external rewards, in stead of seeking a balance between the material and spiritual aspects of our lives. We have allowed ourselves to be distracted by the various pictures of success that society offers us. We constantly compare ourselves with others and we are living according to someone else’s idea of what life should be. So, large amounts of people have lost control of their lives and vast groups of them live a confused and unhappy life, while others are close to different states of depression.

If the under mentioned self motivation tips are followed we will start to live a more balanced spiritual life. Through this self motivation exercise we will acquire self motivation skills which in turn will help us to grow into the balanced spiritual person we want to be.

To be able to grow spiritually we need to look inside of ourselves, and this goes a lot further than to recall certain events that took place today, this week or the past month.

We need to learn to be courageous and willing to find the truths that lie deep within us. Introspection means that we have to look closely and reflect on our thoughts and feelings, our beliefs and our motivations in an objective and self-forgiving way and we need to focus on our areas that need improvement. It is important that we periodically examine our experiences, our relationships, the decisions we take, the things that we attract into our lives.

This provides us with deep insights on what our motivations for certain actions are. It gives us the opportunity to look at the qualities of character we want to sustain and the ones we need to adjust or even change, so that we learn to properly act, react and conduct in any situation in our lives.

Growing spiritually means we learn to be able to live our full potential and we need to make sure that our physical body, our mental body, our emotional body and our spiritual body are in balance. Achieving to bring balance to each of these bodies will lead to our total development. Growing spiritually also means that we realize that our lives have a purpose and that we are connected to all things. Our purpose puts all our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual potentials into use. It sustains us during challenging times and it gives us a feeling of having a goal to achieve, a destination to reach. After all we all need a purpose, a meaning.
Realizing that we are connected to all things helps us to become more humble and respectful of the people and all things in nature. It makes us appreciative to everything around us and it helps us to go beyond our comfort zone and reach out to others.

To grow in spirit is a day-to-day encounter and the most important thing is that we learn, so that our further spiritual growth is possible.

Nurture your Spirit each and every day.